Your Tribe will Find You

I have watched in admiration of how comedians host comedy events almost every week at the renowned Eko Hotel and Suites. The classic thing is that the comedic year is introduced by the grand commander of comedy with his prestigious show on the 1st of January while others follow suit with their different flavour. The ones who can’t afford the famed hotel will gather their own tribe at their level.

The interesting thing for me is that almost all of them tag their event at the same entry fee, and invite almost the same set of comedians and artists. Yet no one seems to be shouting the name ‘ competition’ or feel like they are competing. I attended the prestigious AY show this year and while seated, they were advertising another show by Okey Bakassi that was to take place the next weekend.

In fact, the grand commander himself does not feel disturbed that his sons and daughters are becoming almost as successful as he is and may even be perceived as greater in subsequent years.

I have also observed churches, they recycle guest ministers, worship leaders and also share members at one conventional level or the other. Yet, no sane Pastor seems to be flustered.

The lesson for me here is,

If you ever feel threatened in your place of assignment, then you are most likely not good enough. It is not the ‘supposed competitions fault’, it is your fault. You are not yet good enough.

I tell discerning minds that, no one can do what I do. I mean no one. My results and impact are deliberate interventions. I am great at what I do and I know it. I am different, not necessarily better just different. I am not here to be wealthy if I become wealthy while pursuing my purpose, good for me. But I am simply here to make a difference, to build a legacy, to impact. I am not confusing vision with ambition.

I have also learnt to keep learning and become better than I trained, taught or impacted yesterday. No single soul on earth is my competition, I am my competition. I must be at least 1% better than I was yesterday.

Ignore everyone and concentrate on your craft cos no matter how crowded the industry is, if God called you there, your tribe will find you.

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