Oyinkansola Alabi (Dr.), popularly referred to as The Emotions Doctor, is a productivity enhancement and life validation, strategist. A Psychologist by training, she helps individuals, achievers, and Organisations increase performance using emotional intelligence tools and proprietary methodologies.

Oyinkan serves as the lead researcher and facilitator at Emotions City, Africa’s leading Centre for Emotional Intelligence where she has been a consultant and confidante to CEOs.

She is the first female founder of an Emotional Intelligence Academy in Africa. The Executive Producer of the documentary titled “The Story Of The Girl Who Stood Up For Emotional Intelligence in Nigeria” and the convener of Africa’s first Emotional Intelligence Week.

Her work has taken her to 30 States in Nigeria and 22 countries. She has also trained 277 Emotional Intelligence Certified Specialists in 14 Countries.

Oyinkansola is the first African to attend the Yale Centre for Emotional Intelligence. A Six Seconds Network Emotional Intelligence Practitioner and Assessor. A Goldman Sachs Scholar. One of the 100 most influential and impactful women in Nigeria in 2019 and 2022. A United States recognized alien with extraordinary ability, A Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Behavioral Psychology (Honoris Causa), An author, musical artist, and a Spiritual Leader.

She is an associate member of the Women in Business, Nigeria (WIMBIZ). Forbes Business Council & the American Psychological Association. 

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" Emotional Intelligence is not a hard or soft skill. Emotional Intelligence is Life "

Emotions Doctor

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