As a result of my Executive Life Coaching programme, professionals begin to feel whole and complete, they experience a higher level of themselves. Professionals in my tribe begin to experience more joy, excel at work, launch their careers, increase productivity and profitability. I am looking for professionals who are primed to take actions in the areas they normally avoid.

Who do you know?

Here are some of the benefits you will receive from me as your COACH.

1) 12 Coaching and Therapy sessions (A session per month). This should actually have costed you N1,200,000 so if I am offering this for free for a full year, then that’s incredibly massive.

2) I will guide you on how to craft your business model canvas.

3) Teach you how to create your personal and organisation brand.

4.) Help you create a SNAAP effect (ditch the elevator pitch, it’s an expired strategy).

5) Help you increase your 100k mentoring investment to at least 3 million Naira in less than 180 days. And if you are a great student, less than 120 days.

6) Receive invites to ATTEND speaking and training engagements with me so you can learn on the job.

7) Join my exclusive Mentoring community. Where we will share print and video materials.

I can’t believe I am giving out all these for just 100k. No international Coach will do this but I am anyway. I am consumed by the passion to help you increase performance, productivity and profitability.

To join this tribe #Mentouring2020 for just a hundred thousand Naira (100k), please initiate a transfer to
Diamond Bank
Oyinkansola Alabi
After payment, please send a text to 08125116740.

There are just 12 slots and 5 are already taken. So, once I have gathered the 12 disciples, we move unto greatness.

Kindly note that this tribe is STRICTLY for EXECUTIVES who desire to SUCCEED. If you are not hardworking, or you procrastinate or desire pampering. Please don’t sign up. I am a FIRM and DISCIPLINED COACH. I am a GLORY PRODUCER. I help you experience the highest level of yourself.

If you are ready for this transformation, then
See you at #Tribe2020

For more details, kindly chat us up:  WhatsApp

Emotional Intelligence is not a soft skill, not a hard skill, not even a life skill, Emotional Intelligence is life.

Oyinkansola Alabi

Emotions Doctor

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