Emotional Intelligence Certified Specialist – 2021


Become an Emotional Intelligence Certified Specialist

February 24th – 28th
Early Bird Fees
N275,000 ($611)
9am – 4pm Daily

Emotions City
Late Bird Fees
N350,000 ($850)

RSVP +2348125116740



  1. Discuss the essence and value of Emotional Intelligence.
  2. Administer the EQ Lab Test.
  3. Understand your emotional currency and signature.
  4. Discuss the symbiosis between sensation and perception.


  1. Understand the Emotional Triad
  2. Learn types of thought patterns.
  3. Understand the 8 basic emotions.
  4. Learn the T-grow and Fuel


Coaching Model

  1. Define Emotional Intelligence.
  2. Understand the Four Cardinal Points of EQ competencies.
  3. Design your Value Tree.
  4. Learn the RULER Model and the MPE Model.

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