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  1. Olanike Wale-Ojo

    Before coming to Emotions City, I didn’t have awareness of others or awareness of myself. But after the 5 day training, I now have better understanding of my self-awareness, social awareness and awareness of the environment. Going back to my place of work, I will be able to impact the knowledge I have gotten from the Emotional intelligence Class into my fellow staff and make sure it is a continuous improvement on a daily basis.

  2. Rhoda Ayinde

    I’m a marriage counsellor, I came into Emotions City for their Emotional Intelligence Certified Specialist Course Stream 19 from July 21st to 25th, 2021. Since I have been here my life has been transformed. Things I used to do that I shouldn’t be doing are now in the past. I am now a brand new person, I now know how to deal with difficult people around me, family members who want to take you out of your comfort zone and make you who you are not. I now find it very easy to relate with them.

    Rhoda Ayinde.
    Former, Permanent Secretary.
    Lagos State.

  3. Mrs. A

    I took the decision and subscribed for the 5 days in Emotion City. I came out with more of my expectations met than I could imagine. I never knew I had masks, hiding behind toughness yet knowing that was not who I am or wanted to be perceived as.
    A lifetime opportunity was then presented on my laps to be vulnerable yet to take on life headstrong.
    Thanks ED for putting yourself up to understand myself better. And in every way, I will continue to get better and better.

  4. Anonymous

    I came hoping to learn EQ skills and I did. The most important thing though is that I learnt about myself. I’ve been so terrified by fear that I’ve not explored how to live. My husband couldn’t wait to hear the gist. I said let’s get to the hotel first, and he said it’s ears that are listening and he’s the one driving- my mouth is the only part working so I should talk. I did. I held nothing back. And yes I cried, and he understood. So we had a vulnerable moment and it felt good. Oh, and just in case you were wondering, he had to stop driving and park so we could finish talking.

  5. Lady O

    My five days in Emotions City was an experience that I can’t quite put in words. It was delivered with a contagious passion that created a feeling of safety. I feel aligned with their core values and yes I will do it again and again. Life can’t be the same after training like this. Thank you, ED. To be honest you know I’m so critical but this one training hmmmmmmmmm.

  6. C. A

    I thank God for the day our paths crossed. Discovering EQ has been life- changing. It has given my life meaning. Whenever I talk to people about it, I feel so fulfilled and happy.

    From – C.A.

  7. Sola Adesakin

    I was a part of the Emotional intelligence certified specialist course. Honestly, I haven’t been part of such a course in Nigeria before.

    The effects are not far reaching at all because even my family members have noticed the immediate difference and change in me. This has been such an amazing investment and an amazing time. It has helped me become a better coach.

    Sola Adesakin.
    Founder, Smart Stewards.

  8. Isi Nwanji

    I work as an Admin officer. Coming here, I had so many expectations, most especially I wanted to work on my temperament. I act impatiently. Even with my two-year-old son. But with the 5 days training, I have had I can boldly say I am now a better person. Like this morning, I had to bring all the tools I was taught in class to deal with him because he throws tantrums. On a usual day, I would either beat him or spank him. But this morning, I was so calm, and I was at peace with myself and I’m glad about that. The tools and all that I have gotten will really help me in my job because I have so many issues with my immediate bosses. But I now know how to handle them better.

    Isi Nwanji,
    Administrative Executive,
    Intercontinental Distillers.

  9. Benjamin Dare

    Coming to Emotions City has been my best life experience so far. Before I take any action I always ask myself what would ED do, I always hear her voice talking to me. It has been a transformation. My challenge is anger, but I have been able to overcome it with the tools that have been made available to me.

    Benjamin Dare.
    Founder, Benco Media

  10. Isabella Ikem

    I was part of the Emotional Intelligence Certified Specialist course stream 19. it’s been an awesome experience for me. Before now, I had problems containing my emotions, I always allow my emotions overwhelm me. But this has been an eye opener. it has made me understand how to put things in check,how to prioritize, build myself, and rediscovered myself because before now my self awareness has been totally zero. Now I understand how to be physically present, how to manage my emotions, how to spot a crisis and know when to stop and think, and apply all of the techniques to handling Emotions.

  11. Ọrẹ Olayinka

    I was part of the Emotional Intelligence Certified Specialist Course. My experience at Emotions City was Awesome, it was wholesome, it has been healing for me. I came in Confused and I didn’t know what to do, but after the first day I started receiving my healing. My advice to everyone is, please join the good work that is going on at Emotions City.

  12. Olukolade Boluwatife

    At Emotions City I have had such a paradigm shift. I came in with exceptions. I wanted to be empowered, I wanted to have control over my emotions. Right now I am empowered and I feel like I can handle more than I thought I could handle with my job, my career path. It is money well spent and I will recommend it to everyone one in every sector.

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