Emotional Stability & Mental Health Tribe

$ 44.00

This personal and HMO package is selling out fast. Give a GIFT OF MENTAL HEALTH this season.

We are aware that not everyone can afford a monthly mental health budget. Thus the need for this mental health tribe/network.

It is the most affordable mental health package with global practitioners.


It will be a virtual monthly family meeting with alumni members of Emotions City and other prestigious academies.

The practitioners will listen. Teach and respond to questions for two hours every month.

This is a sexy deal so,

We are offering you an opportunity to lock in your membership from anywhere in the world for just $44 ( ₦ 20,000) a year ( December 2020 – November 2021).

Once slots are exhausted. They are exhausted, please. The practitioners are ready and you are going to love it.

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