High Ticket Executive


I have written a brand new EBOOK called “High Ticket Executive”.

In this Ebook, we’ll go over How To Create And Sell Your Own High Ticket Product or Service And attract your ideal client.

You’ll find out:

  • How to create a high ticket product that you’re really proud of and that you’re willing to sell for a lot of money
  • How to reach the right audience and build trust and authority with them
  • Ideas for the types of high ticket items you can create
  • The pros and cons of different types of product
  • How to build a sales funnel to create trust and make that sale
  • How to create a relationship with your buyers
  • Examples of some of the best high ticket products and how they sell
  • How to create a coaching product
  • How to choose a price
  • Which tools to use to build your high ticket business
  • much more!

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