More Than Making Money Ebook


It’s a brand new week and a brand new Ebook called Making more than money. “How to deal with the frustration of waking and finding yourself at 40+ years with nothing to show for it except money”.

It is specifically designed for executives with over 15 years of working experience who have money but are dissatisfied with the quality of their life. Here is what you will find in it:

  • How to discover your profession, passion and mission.
  • How to discover your 5 soul maps.
  • How to inject meaning and purpose into every single day.
  • How to use the “hero’s journey” technique to pursue your life purpose.
  • How to build your life around your goals and your passions – so that you have more time to do the things you love.
  • How to share your passion with others.
  • How to go to bed feeling a sense of accomplishment and reward every night.
  • How to tap into nearly boundless energy and spring out of bed enthused.
  • How to add more meaning to every day, so that you can look back on a rich, full and truly exciting life.

And much more!

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