Soul Stripper


I can’t tell you how excited I am!

This is my first mental health and emotional stability book/planner and I have put my heart and soul into it.

This planner will show you, a step by step process on how to remain emotionally stable in an unstable world.

How to train your mind to experience deep peace and joy. Move from unhappiness to happiness. Help you live a more meaningful and less anxious life.

Navigate your emotions and guide you to your truest authentic self.

When you pre-order today, it will be delivered to your doorstep in Lagos for just N6500 ($15).

If you procrastinate and pre-order later, doorstep delivery anywhere in Lagos will be N10,000 ($22).

Enjoy 35% off today.

Doorstep delivery in Lagos starts from May 1st, please.

For my international friends, yours will be uploaded on Amazon soon. Please watch this space for the Kindle release date.

Thank you.

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  1. Anonymous

    I bought the soul stripper, I have not moved beyond the first chapter because it’s not a story book but a life- transforming tool.

  2. Anonymous

    Thank you so much for birthing Soul stripper, not something to rush, a bite-size ingestion per day for deliverance.

  3. Anonymous

    The book SOUL STRIPPER is one in a million dollar. The contents are very RICH, INSIGHTFUL, PRACTICAL & RELATIVE to the daily trails of living… The more I read, the more mental reinforcement I felt. Have decided to have this book as my Daily DEVOTIONAL to master my emotions… Thank you ED for encapsulating your personality identity and influence in a book (SOUL STRIPPER). Indeed this is the best gift to myself this year.

  4. Akinropo Akinola

    I recommend this resource material to you. Grab copies and study, don’t just read. Since I got this material about 6 weeks ago, I haven’t gone beyond page 42… because I pace every learning point, then I internalize.

    Thank you, ED, for the great material.

    The Lord increases your wisdom in Jesus’ name. Amen .

    Akinropo Akinola

  5. Anonymous

    Good Morning ma’am.
    This is to say Thank You for all you do to preserve humanity.

    I just finished reading your book on Okadabooks. One word to describe it… Masterpiece

    I will get 2 hard copies next week to read again, underline and highlight my Aha! moments.

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