The Soul Stripping Spa Effect

In 2018, she had recently got married at 40, life was beautiful, she had a great job, bank account was healthy, but she wasn’t 100% happy.

She had gotten fed up with her company’s business model, the endless meetings and presentations, lack of implementation, client and CEO worship, proposal submissions, monitoring and chasing deadlines – she was tired of it all and she wanted out immediately. She was tired of a life of money without meaning.

She had a few ideas on how she could cope with life with her husband by her side but she was tired of coping and forming. She was done with performing and acting like a side chick to her own life.

Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months as she slipped into depression. Her life’s conditions (present realities) were not aligning with her blueprint (desired outcome) so she booked a session with me at the Soul Stripping Spa.

In a 90 minute session, we discovered that her emptiness was tied to a lack of soul maps so we identified her soul maps and revolved her life around prioritising and investing in them daily.

It’s been two years and according to her, save marrying her husband in 2018, that session was the next wisest decision she made.

She has resigned from her job and now works as a Consultant, her income has doubled and she is experiencing a higher level of herself by investing in her soul maps and living a life of legacy not just living for money.

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You deserve a life of meaning and money.

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