I have been coaching, counselling and offering therapy for consolidated 17 years. And I never planned to come out in public to say this.

No one wants to attack their industry. Or bite the finger that feeds them. But this “anywhere belle face” strategy is wrecking peoples lives. And it’s time an insider speaks to you.

On the 2nd of October, I stood in front of high network professionals with over 15 years of work experience. I asked them to stand if they felt successful at their jobs.

Most stood up — with pride.

Then I dropped my next request:

“Please stay standing if you are satisfied with the quality of your life and you can categorically say that your life is meaningful”.

Almost everyone looked around, stared at the ground and finally sat down. Then as if on cue, the entire room went silent. You could hear a pin drop.

These aren’t young professionals.

They are award-winning professionals who have money but no meaning.



Unfortunately, this feeling from high network professionals who have worked with one coach or the other but still lacks meaning and satisfaction have been on for a while. But it won’t be a behind the scene secret much longer.

How do I know this?

Because professionals are tired of sexy stories and not results. Hype without substance. Noise and no content.

The beauty of observing an industry for 17 years is that you observe trends others don’t. As a result, have access to more insights, case studies, data and results than most traditional coaches, therapists, and consultants know what to do.


After my informal poll at the October conference, the depth of the situation hit me. Hard.

Armed with this awareness, I set out to create a pathway to help executives move from a life of dissatisfaction to satisfaction. Meaninglessness to meaning.

It started with conversations with influencers, popular figures and celebrities. Humans people use as a point of contact. I needed to confirm the details I had been receiving with at least 1000 professionals.

Then, prompted by close door conversations, private virtual meetings about the valley of unhappiness, dissatisfaction and meaninglessness.

This is an EPIDEMIC and it’s time for this witchcraft to stop. And this isn’t just a rant.

You are about to learn why your previous coaching sessions haven’t worked and how you can secure your mind and money. Or do nothing as you watch yourself wallow in dissatisfaction for the rest of your life.

First, we need to know the TRUTH.

Cause there is one bone of contention here and I am done pretending it doesn’t exist.

About six years ago, Coaching was the in thing. A tool of performance.

Armed with a Coach, you could design your life.

Industry leaders made cool cash from packaging service as a product.

But something else was happening behind the scene.


A digital marketing subculture dominated by money-driven, noisy, dog eat dog business owners.

A business ethos that publicly declares client centrism in public but privately egocentric ( marinated in guilt-based marketing and non-ecological hypnosis).

Well, to be fair. There will always be desperate business owners. But the issue is we need more authentic humans.

.Not masterclasses from humans who are not masters.

.Or Life Coaching from precious souls without an empowering life.

.Or Consultants without impact, proven results and strategy.

I have thousands of fliers, case studies, data points, and campaign materials to support this assertion.

But I assure you that a shift has come.

People are tired of bullshit training and coaching sessions.

They need results and a professional who will be in their corner because they are loved not because they are paid.

Let me show you what I mean by walking you through one of my models.

Early this year, I opened up the Soul Stripping Spa to the public for the first time.

No hype. No noise. No masterclasses.

Just a customer-centric, personalised service to high network individuals.

Here are some results.

Just to let you know - the more I think of the session and the product, I am blown away. It just takes all that I have loved doing my whole life and made it clear. To give the details is a long story but it's amazing how this one product connects all the dots.

- Arc. Eneni Sowande
Clarity Design Hub (CDH) is a constellation of who I am. It resonates with over 5 decades of my existence and 3 decades of teaching, coaching and speaking. It fires me up to evacuate my soul to professionals who desire to move from a state of confusion to clarity. CDH is all I am. My 5 alive / 5 soul maps is all I live for. Thank you for helping me structure my madness.

- Mrs Bisi Soji-Oyawoye (Global Speaker)
A friend said to me this "BELIEF SWAP" product is YOU. You have a genuine story that conveys who you are before the soul stripping spa and who you have become.

- Mr Olawunmi Akindipo (Fraud Analyst)

This process starts with stripping your soul apart to discover the one thing you represent to yourself and to others. Then turn around to package this meaning into money.

This method is proven to move you from a life of dissatisfaction to satisfaction. Meaninglessness to meaning.

With this emotional bond with yourself, money, meaning, peace, joy, connection and conversations naturally follow.

And it just happens that these are the core values of the Soul Stripping Spa.

Fancy that.

You are not on a trial and error trip, you are on a profitable, scalable internal alignment journey.

The Soul stripping spa will know you better than anyone else and care about you than anyone else.

Are you ready for the new normal?

Before I invite you to this process, I need to be sure you are ready. Because if you are NOT ready, this will shift your life. That’s how powerful it is.

And it’s my responsibility as a soul stripper to only coach those who can benefit from this process.

If you are not ready, I don’t want you to waste your money or waste my time. Which is my life.

So let’s re-assess.

Do you desire to move from a life of dissatisfaction to satisfaction?

Distraction to focus?

Meaninglessness to meaning?

If you say HELL YES to all three, this final page will help you make the right decision.


A love child of meaning and money.

A process to move from a life of dissatisfaction to satisfaction. Meaninglessness to meaning. And a pathway for discovering your meaning and money-making machines.

So I want to invite you into this system because it’s time to

  • Move from meaningless to meaning.
  • Move from a life of dissatisfaction to satisfaction.
  • Move from unhappiness to happiness.
  • Identify the three relational connection that increases happiness.
  • Discover your soul maps.
  • Revolve your life around your soul maps.
  • Discover your meaning-making machine through a 9 step process.
  • Turn your meaning-making to a product and start earning as a high ticket executive.
  • Receive 90 days digital and sales footprint on your new product.
  • Receive a personal branding template.
  • Receive two audio products on digital chemistry and messaging.
  • Enjoy two weeks access and supervision.
  • Build your life around your goals and your passion – so that you have one more time to do the things you love.
  • Share your passion with others.
  • Go to bed feeling a sense of accomplishment and reward every night.
  • Tap into nearly boundless energy and spring out of bed enthused.
  • Add meaning to every day so that you can look back on a rich, full and truly exciting life.

By this point, you might have recognised this pathway is different from traditional coaching.

And that’s the point.

You haven’t been asked to surrender your email address.

Or sit through a free masterclass designed to upsell you.

Hell, if you wanted to, just check me out and hack together some of my thoughts.

It’s 100% up to you.

It’s your journey so call the shots.

But if you are done wasting time like hundreds of my clients, and you are ready to move from a life of dissatisfaction to satisfaction, meaninglessness to meaning. Ready to increase your personal and professional influence your next steps are super simple.

Book a Soul Stripping Spa session watch your life change from the inside out.

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